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Lepide Active Directory Self Service 10.11.01

Lepide Active Directory Self Service 10.11.01: Self service active directory software transfers some control over to end users Active Directory Self Service ares active directory password reset, self service password reset, unlock account, automatic password reset, report generation and email notification. This way, employees within an organization are able to self update information in the active directory. Active directory password reset tool are also beneficial to system admin personnel as they are not required to unlock accounts of users to make changes within the AD

Inactive Users for Active Directory 1.4: Identify, move and disable inactive users in your Active Directory Domain.
Inactive Users for Active Directory 1.4

Identify, move and disable inactive users in your Active Directory Domain. All domain controllers are scanned for the lastLogon data, so you you can be sure the days of inactivity are accurate. Users that have never logged on are also indentified. Flexible search filters allow you search by name and/or container. Easy to automate using command line parameters.

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CodeTwo Active Directory Photos 1.1.0: The freeware lets you easily work with employees` photos collected in AD
CodeTwo Active Directory Photos 1.1.0

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos lets you easily upload a number of photographs to Active Directory and then manage and edit them according to your needs. By using this free tool, making bulk changes to multiple employees` photos is a matter of a few clicks and selected images can be added to internal and outgoing company e-mails, e.g. as elements of their footers. The pictures can also be displayed in GALs and contacts list of Outlook 2010.

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Active Directory Unlock Users 1.07

Active Directory Unlock Users is a small application reciding in the tray bar, and is used for instantly unlocking computer accounts in an Active Directory enabled environment. Active Directory Unlock Users can also be used to delegate Unlocking user accounts to end users without compromising security of the Active Directory.

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Active Directory Object Restore Wizard : Recovers deleted and restores modified Active Directory objects
Active Directory Object Restore Wizard

NetWrix Active Directory Object Restore Wizard is a free tool to assist with recovery of accidentally deleted Active Directory users, OUs, groups, and any other objects. The product uses AD tombstone and also it`s own backup storage for additional fine-grained recovery of modified AD attributes and recovery of attributes lost in tombstone (e.g. account options, group memerships, home directory, and many other attributes).

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Windows Active Directory 9.12.01: Single application for effective Active Directory management and reporting
Windows Active Directory 9.12.01

Active Directory Management and Reporting software is simplified and prominent AD management tool that alleviates day-to-day work of AD administrators and help desk staff. It provides effective domain management, user’s management, resource management of every AD objects. User can add and manage domains, organizational units, groups, etc. in a flawless and hassle free manner. Windows Active Directory management is embedded with built-in tools for

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Active Directory Plus Based on Microsoft`s Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Plus

Active Directory or Network Environment. Suppose you have accidentally deleted a security group with 600 members scattered all over your Active Directory, a group with rights to resources such as your file systems. Easy. Simply find the right ADUC+ eventviewer entry, roll it back and restore the deleted object and its memberships. But that`s not all. With ADUC+ you can also clean up your Active Directory, search for running Services or Processes

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